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Published Date : Mar 2023

Caprolactam are organic compounds with molecular formula ((CH2)5CNH). It is a colorless, solid, toxic substance and process an irritant properties. The caprolactam market is segmented by nylon 6 fiber and nylon 6 resin. The nylon 6 fiber is the largest segment and is mainly used in textile, carpet, industrial yarns a... View more

Published Date : Jan 2022

The lithium-ion battery refers to a family of batteries that includes the lithium polymer, lithium metal ion, lithium iron phosphate, lithium cobalt oxide, lithium selenide, lithium zinc battery, lithium metal hydride, lithium iron sulfate, lithium carbonate, lithium polymer, and lithium metal trioxide. A lithium-ion... View more

Published Date : Feb 2024

Shotcrete, also known as sprayed concrete, is a concrete application technique wherein the material is projected at high velocity via spraying equipment onto a surface such as walls, floors, or ceilings to build or repair structures. It is a versatile method used in construction for tunneling, underground application... View more

Published Date : Jan 2023

Polyethylene terephthalate also known as PET, is the common thermoplastic polymer resin of the polyester family. This type of PET is largely used in the production of fibers which finds wide applications in the manufacture of containers, clothing and thermoforming. PET are of two types, virgin and recycle. Rapidly gr... View more

Published Date : Mar 2023

Epoxy curing agents have a wide range of applications in industrial coatings, civil engineering & construction, automotive, and metal-to-metal adhesives, composites, and electronic potting, among others. Various types of curing agents such as aliphatic, cycloaliphatic, amido-amine, and polyamide have different mo... View more

Published Date : Dec 2022

Chlorine derivatives are used in various applications such as disinfection, bleaching, organic chemicals, inorganic chemicals, and metal separation. Chlorine is used for as a disinfectant in various forms such as elemental chlorine (chlorine gas), sodium hypochlorite solution or calcium hypochlorite powder. Ultraviol... View more

Published Date : Feb 2024

The ethanol market has seen significant growth over the past decade and is expected to expand further going forward. Ethanol is a biofuel that is produced through the fermentation of carbohydrate biomass such as corn, sugarcane, and wheat. It is mixed with gasoline to be used as motor fuel and helps reduce greenhouse... View more

Published Date : Mar 2022

Graphene is a honeycomb sheet of carbon atoms and is the building block for other graphitic materials. It is tougher than steel, lighter than aluminum, harder than diamond, and more elastic than rubber. The potential applications of graphene include energy generation, batteries, transistors, supercapacitors, antennas... View more

Published Date : Jul 2022

Wood coating, commonly known as Topcoat, is used to protect hardwood surfaces against water, sunlight, oil, dust, and other household chemicals. Boards, frames, garden furniture and street furniture, modern furniture, replica furniture, kitchens, doors, furnishing accessories, and traditional flooring can all benefit... View more

Published Date : Nov 2022

Green construction is an environment-friendly building method that reduces waste, protects the environment, and promotes healthy living. Green buildings are constructed with recyclable materials, minimizing waste and increasing energy efficiency. Using recycled materials is not only better for the environment, it als... View more

Published Date : Oct 2023

Agrochemicals are used to manage the agriculture ecosystem and increase the crop yield by decreasing the growth of fungi, weeds, and insects that hinder the growth of agricultural produce. Agrochemical refers to pesticides including insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, and nematicides. It includes synthetic fertiliz... View more

Published Date : Sep 2020

Nephrology and urology devices are used in the treatment of urinary systems such as chronic kidney disease, kidney stone, urinary incontinence, and end-stage renal disease. According to the Global Burden Disease study, which was conducted in 2015, chronic kidney disease was ranked the 17th leading cause of death glob... View more

Published Date : Nov 2020

Pyrogen testing is detection of pyrogen in pharmaceutical drugs and devices. The contaminated devices or drugs when introduced in body can cause fever, shock, inflammation, and other problems. Pyrogen testing consists of kits, reagents, and instruments, which enable pyrogen and endotoxins detection by in-vitro method... View more

Published Date : Aug 2022

Bone glues are a collagen obtained from an animal base that mainly includes skin and bones. Bone glues are derivative of fish’s dehydrated bladder and dense bone. The production process of bone glue is complicated, which involves obtaining animal bones from various abattoirs, meat packaging companies, and tanne... View more

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